True Caller Is Not Spyware & Chinese Application

The Indian army has recently ordered to remove China’s 48 mobile applications, All the Indian soldiers immediately removed those Apps. However, there is news that the True caller has a list of those apps. On this issue, the True caller has responded to the matter. It is clear that their application is not malware. It has been revealed that the inquiry is being investigated.

It’s a Sweden-based company, that does not understand why the True caller is in the list of the apps. The app is not malware in any situation, but they are working on the user’s approval for the features. When the app is installed, those features are in off default, the company said in its statement.

It says that downloading from the App Store will look for some better performance. Claiming that Internet data will be accessed to receive push notifications. The app will check Incoming calls and outgoing calls to the phone.

The DIG engines have been informed that military forces operating in the border area have to remove the apps in their mobiles or re-format the phones. The list of IPs issued by IBM includes Web chat, Truecaller, UC Browser, UC News and other apps.


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