Trump Signs Order to End Migrant Family Separation on US Border

Trump Backs Down on Separating Children from Parents at US-Mexico Border

WASHINGTON: US President Donald Trump has fallen back on the orders to separate children from illegal immigrant families. Families and their children will be put in custody together. The order was issued on Thursday as all the protesters expressed concern over the separation of their children and parents from entering the country through the Mexican borders. Then Trump told the media outside the presidential palace: “This problem is no longer there. Their children cannot be separated from families. Keep it together with family. At the same time, we will do more within our borders. We will investigate those who enter the country illegally and take stringent action, “he said.

Will the refugees be detained? 
Indigenous American public figures and rights leaders expressed concern about keeping illegal immigrants together with children and families in the lack of minimum facilities in detention centers. Jayalal and Kamala Harris, Congress members said, “We are keeping in mind the kidnapping of children and their families for months in the name of an inquiry. The court will challenge criminal cases against those seeking asylum and arrest the children in the court. Have a look at this video.


Neera Tanden, the president of the Center for American Progress, said that the compulsory settlement of the family is not a solution to the problem aroused by separation of children. Congressman Row Khanna said that Trump’s latest order is not a solution to the problem and he has done so much. He said that the problem was created by putting all family members together in the same place to solve the issue of separation of children. An estimated 50,000 people were detained by the authorities illegally entering the United States through the Mexican border in March-May this year.

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