Unnao rape survivor age report created confusion

There is a new twist in the case of Unnao case. The victim was not a minor .. Major was in the report given by the doctors that the confusion began. On the BJP MLA, Kuldip Singh Sengar case was registered under the(POCSO)Protection of Children from Sexual Offenses Act. However, in the initial medical report released in June 2017, she was 19 years old.

Unnao rape survivor age report created confusion

After the rape incident, on June 22, 2017, the police raided her at the government hospital and conducted medical examinations. There, the radiologist S. Johri presented the report by saying that the victim was Major. The girl was kidnapped and gang-raped by three accused at the time and police did not apply to the Pokkos law. The girl was later sent to the magistrate and she did not mention the name of the Sengar in her testimony. Later on April 12, 2018, she referenced her name in the second FIR and the police registered a case against MLA.

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In the report of the primary medical examination, the CBI had observed that she was 19 years old. The CBI has decided to conduct medical tests again to get out of this issue. The victim was taken to the Lucknow government hospital on Saturday and the investigations revealed that the case was likely to go ahead with the report. If she turns out that she is not minor, they will continue to investigate the case. However, the mother argues that the girl was born in 2002. Her birth date was 2002 even in school certificates.

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