Up to 200 killed at North Korea’s nuclear test site: report

After the North Korean nuclear tests, large numbers of workers in the area (Pangiri) were died. The Japanese TV Channel has revealed that more than 200 lives have been buried in a tunnel after the tunnel collapsed due to Nuclear test vibrations. The Sixth largest nuclear test conducted by North Korea on September in the underground, in which tunnel collapsed. The Japanese TV channel reported that at that time, when the rescue efforts were taken, the earth in the area once again sink in which about 200 people were trapped when the unfinished tunnel caved in at the Punggye-ri site, which lies south of the Mantapsan mountain, 50 miles from the border with China.

After the massive Nuclear test conducted on the third of September too much damage occurred not only in place but also other hill slopes near by are collapsed due to vibrations.. Satellite images taken after the nuclear test shows it clearly. These images are placed on the ’38 North ‘website. Earthquakes occurred in Pangiri region, after the test nuclear tests,

The American Geological Survey has revealed that there was an earthquake that occurred twice after the nuclear test. The first earth quake intensity on the Richter Index was 6.3 while the later second earth quake intensity was 4.1.

Japan has thoroughly analyzed this huge nuclear test conducted by North Korea. Its intensity and eruptions influence … It is said to be a 120 kiloton hydrogen bomb. Japan said it was eight times larger than the bomb in 1945 that Hiroshima faced.

US President Donald Trump is going to visit South Korea soon. The Trump South Korea tour took the lead in the wake of a serious war between the US and North Korean leaders.


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