US President Donald Trump’s twitter account deactivated

One of the Twitter employee deactivated US President Donald Trump’s twitter account. This was disclosed by Twitter on Thursday. The company did not disclose the details of the employee but said he had deactivated trump account for 11 minutes before leaving the same last day job. However, he said that he did not do it with intention it happened by mistake.

On the Thursday evening at 4 o’clock, Trump Twitter showed that the page does not exist. His followers tweeted that Trump himself would have removed his account. Twitter responded immediately. Twitter said One of their employee deactivated Trump account with mistake. And it was reactivated within a few seconds. Twitter has stated that this will not repeat again.

Many twitter followers have asked Twitter to remove his Trumps Twitter account as trump had threatened North Korea in twitter in the past. But twitter revealed that that it could not remove Trump Twitter account for such small reasons. Trump opened Twitter account in 2012. He has already crossed the 40 million followers.


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