Vikram goud is not to ready to reveal the person

As already known that Mukesh Goud a Senior leader of congress party and former minister of the combined Andhra Pradesh state’s son Vikram Goud was shot thrice early in the morning of Friday in Hyderabad. He was severely injured in attack and was admitted in the Jubilee hills Apollo hospital. According to the source that the health condition of Mr. Vikram Goud is stable and the three bullets which hit him on his spinal cord, stomach and right shoulder where taken out after the surgery and he was severely injured at ribs and hands, overall the present condition of Vikram Goud is stable.

But now police yet to reveal the mystery behind the attack. They were yet to figure out if its a suicide attempt or murder plot. As the victim has licences revolver.

As investigation is being done from various angles Like Whether it’s a suicide attempt or murder plot? Is Vikram Goud having Rs 30 crore debt? Is he trying to get money from his Father Mukesh Goud? Did he plan this attack to send shivers down the spine of those people from whom he borrowed money? Over 10 Teams have been investigating this case.

Clues Team and Dogs Squad were used to collect the evidence. Dog made rounds around Vikram Goud’s house. Two Bullets were recovered from the house of Vikram Goud. Pistol used for attack is yet to be seized. Blood stains are maximum cleaned by the watch man.

But finally as of now investigating regarding Vikram Goud’s case has come to conclusion that 7.65 mm pistol has been used to fire bullets from a close range. Doctors also confirmed that Vikram Goud is out of danger. But, The bullet stuck in his spinal cord is yet to be removed.

Vikram Goud told someone whom he knew very well attacked him. But he don’t want to reveal the Attacker’s name til he recovers from the injuries why because the truth will stir a huge controversy & it’s a matter of family prestige.

Vikram Goud has been involved in various business ventures. Vikram Goud were also produced Telugu films ‘Ishq’ and ‘Gunde Jaari Ghallanthayinde’  and recently he also opened Production office.  He is living in a rented house located on Plot No.459 at Jubilee Hills Road No.86. Vikram Goud is acting as Director for Shresth Automobile Pvt Ltd, Shresth Infra India Pvt Ltd and Shresth Hotel & Management Pvt Ltd.


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