Walmart shooting: Two dead after gunman fires on shoppers

Walmart Shooting : Another tragic incident took place in  with in 24 hours after  truck rampage in New York. A fire broke out at a local Walmart store on Wednesday night.

An assailant went into the store and opened fire. In the incident two people were killed and many of them were seriously injured. The police arrested the assailant and took him in to custody. The injured people have been shifted to the local hospital for treatment. The eyewitness said the assailant had fired 30 rounds into the store.

Around 300 people were in the store at the time. The store had been “self-evacuated” by customers and employees who fled following the gunfire on of the customer name Avila said.

One witness named Stephen told local TV at first he thought the sound of gunfire was a firecracker or a car backfiring. “It was when I heard the staff screaming that I knew I had to get the heck out of there,” he said.

As already an assailant truck rampage in New York city on Wednesday in which eight people were killed on the spot and another 11 were seriously injured. The Americans are scared of the incident that took place consequently with in two days.


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