Wassenaar Arrangement decides to make India its member

In a significant development, elite export control regime Wassenaar Arrangement (WA) on Thursday decided to admit India as its new member. There are opportunities to achieve the most important technology which helps in development of India’s Nuclear war fare.
Wassenaar Arrangement has decided to make membership in India at a meeting on Thursday. The decision was taken at a two-day plenary session in Vienna. Wassenaar Arrangement said in a statement that applications for membership were examined by member states. India is the 42nd member country after the procedural issues are completed.

India’s entry into the export control regime would enhance its credentials in the field of non-proliferation despite not being a signatory to the Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT).

The WA membership is also expected to build up a strong case for India’s entry into the 48-member Nuclear Suppliers Group (NSG).

Significantly, China, which stonewalled India’s entry into the 48-nation NSG, is not a member of the Wassenaar Arrangement.

Although the Atomic Inspection Treaty has not been signed, India has joined the Wassenaar Arrangement. This contributes to the development of traditional weapons, dual consumer goods, transparency and transfer of technology.

French Ambassador to India Alexandre Ziegler congratulated India on “joining” the Wassenaar Arrangement.
“One more recognition, after MTCR, of the growing role India plays in today’s world,” he said.
“Existing controls were further clarified regarding ground stations for spacecraft, submarine diesel engines, technology related to intrusion software, software for testing gas turbine engines, analogue-to-digital converters, non- volatile memories and information security,” the grouping said in the statement at the end of the two-day meeting.
The next regular plenary meeting of WA will be held in Vienna in Austria in December 2018, it was announced.


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