‘World’s first smart policing robot’ launched in Hyderabad

A life-sized robot, claimed to be the world’s first smart policing robot, was launched in Hyderabad city on Friday. IT Department Secretary Jayesh Ranjan said the city’s first ever smart policing robot was launched in Hyderabad. On Friday, a robot made by a company called ‘Hobots’ Robotics, was launched at a hotel in Madapur, Hyderabad. It is proud to make this robot in Hyderabad with the indigenous technology. The new innovations have always been supported by the Telangana government. The CEO Kishan said the robot was made with a hundred percent indigenous knowledge. The applications are designed to be used by the police department.

These systems are designed to detect boobs, traffic control and ‘She teams’. It can also be used for e-challan payment. It will be presented before the police department and get their permission. It will be soon tested at the most crowded Jubilee Hills checkpoints. Currently Beta version is being displayed, with some changes master robot to be launched in July next year

“H-Bots will be testing the product in the field in next five to six months and plans to commercially deploy the Robot in the city by July,” he said. H Bot Robotics founder Kisshhan PSV said at the function that “unlike the Police Robot in Dubai, which moves with manual functions, our robot can move automatically, recognise people, take complaints and defuse bombs.”


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