Zimbabwe under military control

The sensation in Zimbabwe, army took the country into his hands and Imprisoned President Robert Mugabe at his home. Army Generals said on Wednesday that “it is not a military coup and President Mugabe and his family are safe at home. Our target is to aim criminals around the president. As soon as our objective is completed, we are expecting normal positions to prevail in the country. The army is now patroling around the capital city of Zimbabwe, Harare and protecting the government offices in the capital city. Military camps were arranged in the main centers of the city.

Life is mostly in normal condition. Indian embassy in Zimbabwe stated that Indians are safe in Harare. The US embassy was closed on Wednesday. American Embassy suggested that American citizens should remain in safe places.

South African President Jacob Zuma has revealed that he has spoken to Mugabe and he also said that president Mugabe is safe. Jacob also said that he is sending Defense Minister from their country to meet the Army commanders in Zimbabwe and President Mugabe.

Zimbabwe, formerly known as Rudessa, declared independence from British rule in 1965. White rule ended after Independence fight. Zimbabwe African National Union (ZANA) won in the 1980 election lead by Robert Mugabe. Mugabe has been in power since then. The 93-year-old Mugabe is the eldest in the ranks of the world’s presidents currently in the rule. He is the only person in the world who continues to be a president since 1980.

However, during the election of 2008 and 2013, Mugabe’s won by imprisoning, murders and rigging. This is the first time that the Army coup against him during his regime. The former soldiers association also made it clear that they are with the Army. They also demanded that Mugabe party be swept away from power. The association praised the army’s actions to prevent the abuse of power without being killed.

With the Zimbabwe regime being taken into the hands of the army, it is possible to open up to four decades of Mugabe dictatorship. Some argue that Mugabe recently suffered a serious illness and was losing ground over the country’s rule. Mugabe is expected to consider his 52-year-old wife Grace as president. But she does not have the right reputation among the Zimbabwe people. Recently, Vice President Emerson Nananga was removed from his post by Mugabe.

It was suspected that Emerson was removed because of Grace. Emerson has good relations with military officers. In recent times, some issues happened between Mugabe Party and the soldiers. Army Commander Konstantin Chivaganga said on Monday that there is possible to take the regime into Army’s hand to correct the political situation in the country.

A few days ago, Emerson left the country and returned to Zimbabwe on Wednesday. Many suspected that there is Emerson hand in the consequences, since Wednesday’s Army also took Zimbabwe national channel into its control.

Army Major General Sibisio Moeo said that they have taken the regime to punish those who have committed crimes and corrupt societies in the country.


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